You Want World Peace? Here is Where to Begin
Your ability to live life in endless peace and joy is real, absolutely legitimate. 
Six Things True Meditations Have in Common
Is meditation something which could bring benefits to the life of every person? The answer is YES. 
What Happens When You Are Whole-Hearted
The secret to success in any area of human concern is really no secret at all, it is so obvious: whenever you whole-heartedly focus your attention, you will progress. 
The Question Everyone Needs to Answer
So, there is only one thing to do, only by fulfilling one desire, will we ever be truly free. 
The Big Benefits of Being Outside the Identity Box
Are you aware that most of your thoughts are simply a pattern based on your identity?  
The Secret to Success is Stillness
Beyond the mind exists a still silent consciousness that holds within it the solution to any mind-made problem.
For Those Who Think Meditation isn't Cool
There are many reasons why some of us avoid meditating.  Some people don’t want another discipline in their lives. Aren’t flossing and going to the gym enough?”    
Why You Are Not Who You Think You Are
When you look out and experience your world, who is it that is experiencing?  Is it the eyeballs that see?  Is it the nerve endings in the skin, the fingers and toes that experience reality?  
The One Obstacle to Ongoing Peace
The peace that we truly desire seems to be constantly just beyond our grasp, like the proverbial carrot dangling eternally just beyond the nose of the donkey.
What All of My Heroes Have in Common
All of the confusion of my life, all of it, was due to the fact that while there was this huge desire to serve in the highest possible way, yet I had no idea how to do that
Peace vs. Suffering - is it Really a Choice?
Choosing for Peace means completely letting go, including the part of you that believes is suffering, because believing in suffering is also an attachment.